Feature Survey – Intelligent Accessory Controller

If you saw my post about hacking the CAN-Interior bus of a JK, you noticed my comments about building an intelligent accessory switching system. I’m pretty far along with that, and would love to get some feedback from the community on features they’d like to see.

Right now my plan is to build something, release it all with open-source and open-hardware so people can build their own, but there’s been enough interest for people who would like to have one built for themselves that I made the following survey. If you have a moment, I would really appreciate your feedback.

Once the survey is all done, I’ll post the results here too so everyone can see the data.

And if you aren’t sure exactly what I’m talking about – it’s effectively a standard relay box in your engine bay, but instead of just toggle switches, it’s smart and listens to your car’s computers and can activate switches when lights go on/off, high-beams, blinkers, ignition – whatever we can think of.

The link to the survery is here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LKMHTBG


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Chad is a software developer from the Houston, Texas, USA. He's been working in the software industry since the 1980s and presently works for Alert Logic, a provider of managed security-as-a-service solutions for the Cloud. He spends way too much time bicycling or playing with cars.

3 thoughts on “Feature Survey – Intelligent Accessory Controller”

  1. Chad:

    I’m writing because I’m trying to find someone to help. Last week I bought a new (2014) Jeep Wrangler. The car I bought is slightly different than the one I test drove. The test drive car did not have a security system. Because of the towing options and color the vehicle I actually bought had a security system.

    I’m so dissatisfied that I took the car back 12 hours and 21 miles later. I live and purchased the vehicle in Pennsylvania which does not have a “cooling off” law. I asked the dealer simply to turn off the security system. In the 12 hours that I had the car it went off three times. One time in a very inappropriate situation.

    After hours of nonsense the dealer told me that the system could not be shut off or put into “valet” mode. (I have friends and relatives with other makes and the security systems on those cars have such a mode.)

    The dealer will not take the vehicle back and I don’t want to drive it lest this thing go off again. So I have a five day old car with 61 miles on it that I’m going to try to get rid of.

    I just would like security system to not “arm” every time I lock the doors. I would simply like to be able to unlock the doors with the key. Is this possible? If so, is there anybody that you know of anywhere in the Mid Atlantic that would be able to do it? I would be willing to pay a lot of money because right now I’m out $35K and can’t drive the car.

    Thank you!

    Sincerely, David J. Melich

  2. how goes the project? Some relay boards and serial+CAN boards as well have become available for BeagleBone Black in the past 8 months. Thought you may have an interest.


  3. Hi Chad

    I would like to know what hardware and software you used.
    I an trying to send CAN messages to a 09 radio that I want
    To put in my 07 touring minivan. I am a hardware guy trying to learn programming. Thanks I expect 6our busy so
    Please send answers when you have a chance


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