New BMW 5-series Gran Turismo = stunner, inside & out. Was happy to see roof-rack slots are back for the 5-series (presumably the new sedan out later this year will have them as well).

BMW 7-series = nicer than the previous generation, also quite surprised to see roof-rack slots in for this model.

All Audis = beautiful design on the exterior, meh on the inside. You can do better, Audi… make me feel like I’m giving up something if I go buy a BMW.

Cadillac CTS, CTS-V and CTS SportWagon = much nicer than I expected. Exterior is sharp, interior is nicely done and about on par with the BMW 3-series as it should be. CTS-V is slightly nicer on the inside.

New Camaro = too bad they kept the name, because eventually this car will be in every trailer park making the new ones look horrible. Extremely well done car, inside & out. Back-seat only for midgets and a large trunk with one of the smallest hatches I’ve ever seen on a car. Totally not practical, but totally awesome. Even the V6 version looks good.

New Grand Sport version of the Corvette = much, much sharper looking in person than I expected. Tempting, tempting…

New Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan & coupe = absolutely gorgeous on the outside and a total letdown on the inside. Not even as nice as a BMW 3-series, let alone a 5-series. These were the E-350 versions, so hopefully the V8 and AMG versions will remedy some of that. Having a total display floor size of an average size guest bedroom doesn’t help showing off the cars.

All Acuras = couldn’t be more boring if they tried. Interiors remind me of cheap GM cars from the early 90s. Exteriors only a boy racer wanna-be could love. The new ZDX was interesting but had rear-doors that would make you yearn for the spaciousness of a Camaro.