This past weekend Lori and I visited Fredericksburg, Texas for some rest and relaxation. I of course took my bike and hoped to squeeze in a couple of rides while there given the natural beauty of the area. I was not disappointed.

On Sunday morning I followed the Luckenbach Cruise route specified in the Best Bike Rides in Texas guidebook. This route went south from Fredericksburg towards Kerrville, before turning east in the general direction of Luckenbach. Unfortunately I got there a bit too early to buy any food or drink so I had to continue the route with what little drink I had left. Luckily the day was still cool so it was no big deal. Once I reached US 290 I had to follow it for a couple of miles before turning back onto country roads - it’s a very busy road but luckily on Sunday morning it wasn’t too bad. The route then continued on a small rural road that came back towards Fredericksburg from the northeast. With a few extra spurs it wound up being 41 miles total with about 1600 feet total ascent.

The next day I went from Fredericksburg up to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area via FM 965. This was one of the best solo rides I have been on today. The trip north was mostly downhill with some fast descents; I reached 48 mph at one point. There was still just under 1000 feet total ascent on the trip up there, so there was plenty of climbing, too. The trip back was intense. It gave almost 1400 feet total ascent and a stiff south wind dropped my average speed from 18 mph on the way up down to 14 mph on the way back. It was a hell of a workout and I lamented my choice of the double chainring on the bike. But, it was so worth it and about 34 miles total of Texas hill country bliss.