Week 11 was capped off with a 12 mile run this morning at Sugar Land Memorial Park. My pace group’s run had has go north out of the park along University Blvd, turning into the University of Houston @ Sugar Land campus and running around the parking lot twice, and then returning to the park via University again. From there we turned east onto Commonwealth Blvd and followed that all the way to Oilfield Rd before turning once again to the park. Once back at the park we then ran both loops of the park to finish.

It was a really good run. I finished in 2:06:30 which puts me right at the pace I’m trying to maintain. I listened to my friend who told me to eat a bigger breakfast before these longer runs, and that helped maintain my energy level throughout out the run (supplemented with 2 Gu packs during the run as well). I didn’t bonk at all during the run, and maintained a pretty consistent pace. Perhaps the only drawback was learning new things that became sore: my arms and right shoulder especially are screaming at me right now.

The rest of the week’s training was uneventful except for the fact that we were impacted by Hurricane Ike all week. Last Saturday’s run was cancelled so it has been two weeks since I last ran a long distance. I was able to get in all the required training this week, despite the storm recovery, and fortunately our running group took the effort to plan out a route that was mostly free of storm debris.

In week 12 we ratchet the mileage back down to a 10 mile long run; the Houston Half Marathon is about a month away so I have full confidence in running that, since I effectively was only a mile away from that today.