We still have power but we’re clearly one of the lucky ones in the area. The last news report says only 122,000 total households out of the 2 million that lost power have had it restored.

I went out exploring a little after noon on a bike to see what the area situation was. It appears we are the only neighborhood in the immediate vicinity that has power. I saw a few CenterPoint energy crews out there working on various utility problems but it isn’t immediately clear why more of the area doesn’t have power.

The H.E.B. grocery store at SH 6 and Dulles Avenue is open but the fuel station there did not yet have any fuel. Most of the other businesses along that stretch of SH 6 were not yet open, but the news says the Kroger at SH 6 and Murphy was open.

I saw no working street lights or fuel stations with fuel during my trip. It looked like several of the fuel stations had power so chances are they will have some fuel within the next day.

I biked over to the north part of Oyster Creek Trail where it meets Lexington Boulevard and saw continued flooding in the park. The bridge over Oyster Creek on the north end of the trail was very much impassable.

From Hurricane Ike Aftermath

While we have internet access now, I’m wondering the situation of Comcast’s cable network upstream. Their system may be on generators right now for all I know, so we could lose internet connectivity at any time.

There are way too many people out driving around aimlessly right now. While the roads in this area are open, there are still no fuel stations open nearby so it seems like a tremendous waste if people cannot safely resupply in the next few days.