I didn’t expect a clean resolution to my Dell issue, given it wasn’t done yet, but I had more of the same when I called DHL and Dell back on Tuesday.

DHL tells me no, there is no return tracking # because the package really was stolen. “You need to call Dell and have them open a claim with us.” Okay… since they’re being responsive today I can call Dell back and have them call DHL, right? Wrong… My call to Dell goes like all the others: “Sir, we have to wait 48 hours until the last scan on DHL’s web site before we can open a trace with DHL.” Uh, WTF people? How about actually trying to resolve my issue for me?

I politely told them I was done with them, and then I called up Citibank. Within 5 minutes I had a credit issued and a promise from Citibank that they would work with the merchant to resolve the issue.

Absolutely amazing.