I donated a unit of whole blood today, which I try and do as often as I am able. It used to never bother me, but the combination of being smaller and older appear to be taking its toll. After today’s donation I have been pretty loopy for the rest of the day. Way loopy, like I shouldn’t be driving or using a computer loopy.

I’ve also got this thing for needles. I don’t mean I look away and get faint when needles are near, like most people, I mean that I like watching them go in. It is a little odd to explain, but there is something quite satisfying to know that yes indeed, that does hurt a tiny bit just like it is supposed to. The nurse who drained me today called me sick for watching. 


[caption id=”attachment_140” align=”alignright” width=”203” caption=”Blood drains slowly…”]Blood drains slowly...[/caption]