Lori and I joined the iPhone cult this weekend. We had ordered our phones from an AT&T store the week before, mostly because I simply can’t stand to wait in line. It only took 5 days for one, and 6 days for the second phone to show up, and there was no stress. And the AT&T store was much better at handling the porting of two phone numbers from one carrier to another.

So after a few days my review pretty much matches that of most people’s. The device itself is wonderful; the ability to have Internet, e-mail, an iPod, and all of the download-able applications in such a small and light package is amazing. The drawbacks? Horrible battery life and an iffy quality of synchronization and integration with other services.

I’m successfully using the Mac OS X 10.5’s integration with Google Calendar and iTunes for my calendar and contacts synchronization successfully - we’ll simply ignore the fact that the second time I synchronized it erased all of my contact data on Google. Lori is synchronizing successfully with two separate iTunes libraries: one to get contact & calendar information from her work Outlook installation, and another to get all of her music from home.

I am still amazed at the horrible battery life so far. I was able to completely consume my battery in about 90 minutes of heavy e-mail usage (yes, using the 3G network) with a nearly full charge. There’s lots to fine tune to make this better, but ideally you’d get a couple of days of usage with heavy, ignorant usage… perhaps someday.