Saturday finished up my 5th week of marathon training. We had a 6 mile run scheduled, which matches the longest run I’ve yet done.

To make matters more interesting I moved forward a pace group to the ‘yellow’ group which runs at between a 9 to 10 minute pace. I finished in the middle of the group at just under an hour for the 6 miles, so right on pace. This pace does keep my heart rate very high (over 160 average) but so far it is a comfortable pace for me to maintain so we’ll see how it goes on the longer runs.

As of yet, I’ve had no issues with injury creeping back up so I’m very happy with that. I do find immediate body feedback from the longer runs but that’s as expected.

Next week we are targeted to run 7 miles. I’ll likely run without the group for this weekend in order to run with some friends and to get a break from the super-early morning starts as I don’t really like running in the dark.