Saturday I ran in my first organized 5K event. It was the Maribelle’s On the Bay 5K hosted by the folks at On The Run. The course was out from Maribelle’s pub in Seabrook to the middle of town and back. Unfortunately being along the water there was little to block the morning sun’s full intensity so it was one hell of a hot run.

The official results had me finishing in 28:29 which equates to a 9:10 per mile average pace. I’m very happy with both numbers since that is much better than I had expected my 5K pace to actually be. This time still left me fairly far down in place for both my age group and overall, but given I’ve only really started running a few months ago this is probably not a bad thing.

I’ll be changing my running group in the half-marathon training from the 10 - 12 minute group down to to the 9 - 10 minute group based upon this time, along with the reality that I have been finishing the weekly long runs in the first part of the group anyway.

Not surprising, the heart rate data for the event shows my heart rate entered my maximum zone after 3 minutes and stayed through through the duration. I wound up with an average heart rate of 166 and a peak of 174. All that effort and only a measly 391 k-calories burned, barely enough for a Clif bar for breakfast.

The 5K was fun, but I completely understand why distance runners don’t like them very much. It is very difficult to get warmed up and into a good rhythm in such a short duration event.