This morning I finished reading Category 7, a thriller about a monster hurricane that destroys much of coastal New York City.

The plot of the book is actually quite good. A former government scientist focused on weather control returns to the subject once he has amassed a fortune in the private sector. He masters the ability to create and harness weather and begins to unleash the monster hurricane as a lesson to his arch-nemesis, the President of the United States. Meanwhile, scientists within the CIA begin to notice something might not be right about the weather…

Unfortunately a good thriller plot is coupled with some not so great writing. I’m pretty tolerant on writing styles but this one felt too much like someone had just read a book on “writing fiction in 21 days” or something along those lines. It had a tremendous quality of a “made for hollywood” movie that didn’t want you to think too hard.

Glad I read it, but I wouldn’t read it again. I’d give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.