I’ve had my 2008 Madone 5.2 Pro bike for almost a month now and I just crossed the 300 mile mark on the odometer. I’ve had a chance to ride it 8 times so far with a short ride of 21 miles and a long ride of 67 miles.

My initial impression is mostly still intact. This is a fast, highly responsive bike. The lightness and new carbon frame are really noticeable when tackling hills or pushing yourself at 80% intensity or higher. Sadly it doesn’t do much of anything to make riding directly into the wind much easier.

The seat it comes with turns amazingly uncomfortable after about 35 to 40 miles. It is by no means the most uncomfortable seat I’ve ridden on so I’m going to stick with it for now. If it winds up being an issue going forward I’ll probably just use my Trek 2100 for the longer rides and keep the Madone in lighter form, for now.

It’s definitely time for a good bath, wax and its 2nd tune-up.