Yesterday was the annual Fayetteville Good Ol’ Summertime Classic bike ride in Fayetteville, Texas.

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Fayetteville has a wonderful selection of moderately hilly roads to ride on, and the town itself has some of the best small town charm in Texas.

This is the third time I’ve ridden this ride and the first time I’ve ridden any hilly routes with my new bike. As usual, the organization and quality of the ride is top notch. The snacks were great, although the sports drink selection wasn’t very good.

I rode with my friends Teri and John for most of the ride and we had planned on riding the 70 mile route, but at about mile 30 we decided we were too wore out and we’d just do the 50 mile route. This decision is fairly typical of this ride since we tend not to get much hill training in after the MS150.

The heat of the day also seems to get nasty in the last 10 mile stretch before returning to town. Add in some wind, a new bike seat that isn’t broken in yet, and the lack of a triple gear crank and it make for a very tired Chadwick by the time the ride was over.

The good news is the BBQ, beer, and massage after the ride made up for any discomfort!