Yesterday I did the Rosharon Loop again, but I had a little treat. A spring cold front hit about the same time I made it to FM 521. It made for a very fast (~ 24-25 MPH) sprint down 521 in light rain. I got to try out my Fox rain jacket for the first time and it did its job well enough. I still got soaked but my core stayed somewhat dry and I didn’t get chilled.

The front had passed about the time I made it to the gas station in Rosharon, so the ride back home was into a good north breeze that was pushing the front.

This was also my first ride with a cadence sensor installed after not having one for a couple of years. No surprise, but my cadence was very high. A comfortable cadence for me right now is 115 rpm; I focused on keeping it closer to 95-105 rpm for this ride.

Total distance was 52.8 miles; average heart rate of 134 bpm; 2,023 calories burned.