Malformed Core Dumps – Episode 2 – Mark Allen Interview (Part 2 of 2)

In Episode 2, I continue the interview with Mark Allen.

Episode 2 Notes

  • Starting out as a systems administrator and working for Southwestern Bell
  • Working in Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom, and then surviving the following crash
  • Open Source origins and projects at work
    • Mark is maintaining kerl, an Erlang installation manager at
    • Mark is now maintaining AWS Beam, an AWS API client for Erlang and Elixir at
    • Mark would love to work more directly on large distributed-systems problems, especially time-series databases
    • Mark worked at Basho, an open-source company that was known for Riak but is now defunct
      • riak-core –
      • lager –
      • machi –
  • Target, career changes, and leaving Minnesota
  • Industry Ethics
  • Quick Questions
    • Favorite BBQ is Roegels!
    • Favorite place to visit: Santa Fe, NM!
    • Favorite programming language: Erlang
    • What would do you if money was no object? A ranch in New Mexico sounds nice…

Malformed Core Dumps – Episode 1 – Mark Allen Interview (Part 1 of 2)

Podcast Introduction

Welcome everyone to the Malformed Core Dumps podcast! This is your host, Chad Gibbons, and this is our very first episode of this podcast, so a big thank you for checking us out.

So, what’s this podcast all about? In short, it’s about personal story-telling from technology industry practitioners about their career journey.

We’ll have interviews with folks about their own experiences, and will likely go off on tangents about technology topics we find interesting.

My goal for this podcast isn’t a secret: I’m hoping to take the artificial barriers to entry out of our industry, both for people thinking about joining the field, and those who have already been involved for a long time.

Episode 1 Notes