Malformed Core Dumps – Episode 2 – Mark Allen Interview (Part 2 of 2)

In Episode 2, I continue the interview with Mark Allen.

Episode 2 Notes

  • Starting out as a systems administrator and working for Southwestern Bell
  • Working in Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom, and then surviving the following crash
  • Open Source origins and projects at work
    • Mark is maintaining kerl, an Erlang installation manager at
    • Mark is now maintaining AWS Beam, an AWS API client for Erlang and Elixir at
    • Mark would love to work more directly on large distributed-systems problems, especially time-series databases
    • Mark worked at Basho, an open-source company that was known for Riak but is now defunct
      • riak-core –
      • lager –
      • machi –
  • Target, career changes, and leaving Minnesota
  • Industry Ethics
  • Quick Questions
    • Favorite BBQ is Roegels!
    • Favorite place to visit: Santa Fe, NM!
    • Favorite programming language: Erlang
    • What would do you if money was no object? A ranch in New Mexico sounds nice…