You Don’t Need Flash for Rich Graphs on a Web Page

And that’s it. Over your Sunday morning coffee you can write a simple, yet effective, interactive graph display using HTML and JavaScript alone. Clearly, a tremendous amount of work remains to make the graphs beautiful and robust, but luckily a large number of people are already working on libraries to do this work for us.

Internet Explorer will not yet display canvas elements natively, but luckily this problem is being solved for us.

There are other problems, too. Today, for example, the font measurement abilities in the HTML5 specification are lacking.

If you want to see the example in action click here. View the source in your browser to see the final source code to the example. A screenshot of the example is below.

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2 thoughts on “You Don’t Need Flash for Rich Graphs on a Web Page”

  1. A lot of the places talking about the various HTML5 elements talk about the various state of the browsers. The canvas tag is supported well by Firefox, so that’s the important thing for now 🙂

    @MIke Lunt

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