Marathon Training : Week 20

It is hard to believe but week # 20 of marathon training has come and gone. We capped the week with our longest run yet of the season at 16 miles. It was a great run, and one of my fastest long runs of the season with a 9:44 minute/mile average pace. It was also the coldest weather so far this year, with temperatures in the upper 40s throughout the run. 

For the remainder of the season we only have two longer runs before the Houston marathon: a 30K in December and then a 21 miler a few weeks later.  I did decide after the 25K a couple of weeks ago to transfer from the half to the full marathon, so I’m fully dedicated to that goal now.

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Chad is a software developer from the Houston, Texas, USA. He's been working in the software industry since the 1980s and presently works for Alert Logic, a provider of managed security-as-a-service solutions for the Cloud. He spends way too much time bicycling or playing with cars.

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